Best Healthy Foods to Prevent Heart Disease


Recently, the phenomenon of heart disease not only attacks the elderly but also young people. But face it, in fact you do not have to worry. Simply apply a healthy lifestyle, the heart was through. It is no secret that eating healthy food is very powerful ward off heart disease.

Therefore, choosing a healthy intake in your daily menu is the best choice. Here are some food intake that are believed to help prevent heart disease and improve cardiovascular health:

Best Healthy Foods to Prevent Heart Disease

1Fruits and Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamins, minerals and fiber so potent blood pressure lowering and weight. Then, the type of fruit-vegetables can also be varied, to suit your taste.

2Whole Grains

Whole-Grains for heart health

This is because whole grains like oats and brown rice are high in fiber, so it is good for the body’s metabolism. In addition, it is useful to stabilize blood pressure and also makes you full so avoid the less healthy snacks. As for the recommended portion, eat six a day. Similarly, as reported by the Health Monitor.


Fish-omega-3 for health heart

Eating fish is very important for maintaining health. Because the fish contain beneficial protein that keep the immune system an order not to get sick. Meanwhile, for the portion of food intake is recommended twice a week.

We recommend you to eat salmon, because Salmon has omega 3’s, which have been shown to prevent erratic heart rhythms. They also improve cholesterol ratios and reduce blood pressure.

Aim for 2 servings each week, and leave the skin on for the best benefits. Grill salmon with some veggies, or glaze it with a lemon sauce to add some zest.


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