Crying from 7 to 10 p.m. Can Help You Lose Weight


Crying is an overflow of our emotional feelings, such as sadness, disappointment, failure and happy. Crying can also release stress for most people. But, do you know that crying also can help you lose weight?

A recent study finds that crying with all feelings and emotions can actually help you lose weight. Because the hormones of emotional crying help increase cortisol levels, where this happens when you have long-dammed emotions.

In fact, tears caused by stress have the ability to remove certain types of toxic substances from the body. That’s why biochemist William Frey concludes, crying helps eliminate toxic substances that tend to accumulate when humans are emotionally depressed.

In addition, our bodies will not store more fat when we shed tears, because all stress hormones will soon be released through this crying process.

This research also says that you can only get this benefit if you cry triggered by real emotions. There are 3 types of tears, namely;

  1. Basal tears or basic functional tears that are useful for keeping our eyes moist
  2. Reflex tears or irritant tears that we accidentally spill due to environmental stressors such as smoke, wind or dust
  3. Psychic tears related to our true feelings and human emotions.
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Crying from 7 to 10 p.m. Can Help You Lose Weight

Therefore, only psychic tears that have the effect of losing weight. But there is a certain period of time to maximize this effect. Because scientists suggest crying at any time, but they think the best time is 7 to 10 p.m. Good news for those of you who like watching movies with sad ending story to watch at that hour.

Crying is not only good for releasing all buried feelings in order to maintain our mental health, but also good for our physical health. But, of course, don’t try these tips by crying every day just because you want to lose weight.


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