Have You Watched Joker? Recognize the Causes and Characteristics of Psychopath

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If you’ve watched the Joker movie, then you already know the behavior of a psychopath. Joker or Arthur Fleck became a psychopath because of his sad and traumatic past events. A psychopath is very good at pretending and his actions can harm others.

Psychopath is a personality disorder characterized by several characteristics, including antisocial behavior, lack of empathy, and temperament that is difficult to predict. Knowing the symptoms and characteristics of psychopath, can make you more alert.

Causes of Psychopathy

The exact cause of a psychopath cannot be identified with certainty. This disorder is predicted to arise due to genetic influences and childhood traumatic experiences. It was concluded thus, because psychopaths usually grow from a family background that is not harmonious.

Such disharmony can take the form of child abuse and neglect, alcoholic parents, or parental fights. Psychopaths are more often found in men than women.

Characteristics of Psychopathy

The medical world itself will not officially diagnose someone as a psychopath. Doctors will refer to psychopaths as antisocial personality disorder. Here are some of the characteristics of a psychopath:

  • The difference between psychopath and normal people is a moral basis or conscience. Psychopaths are known as people who do not have a conscience or empathy, so the actions taken can be detrimental to others.
  • Will not feel guilty if he/she makes a mistake.
  • Rarely show emotion, especially social emotion such as shame or guilt.
  • Not responsible or just blame others for the mistakes he made.
  • The words spoken are not sincere.
  • Cannot understand abstract or metaphorical words.
  • Too confident, no introspection, and Lying often.
  • Have a high selfish attitude.
  • Psychopaths also have the ability to exploit others with consistent deception or lies. In manipulating others, psychopaths usually use their charm or intelligence. Psychopaths can also be vulnerable to legal problems because of manipulative actions.
  • They repeatedly violate the rights of others, intimidate, dishonest, and often misinterpret the surrounding events. Psychopaths also act spontaneously without thinking about the feelings of the aggrieved party and have a sense of superiority, and showing off these advantages excessively.
  • Symptoms of this antisocial personality disorder can appear since children. Generally symptoms will become more obvious between the ages of 20 and 30 years. In children, symptoms that can appear in the form of cruel behavior towards animals, explosive anger, do not want to get along, and like to intimidate or do ‘bullying’ against his friends.
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However, the nature of committing cruelty is actually not found in many people with this antisocial personality disorder. Psychopaths are more famous for their selfish and manipulative nature to get what they want.

How to Determine Someone is a Psychopath?

A psychopath tends to have a low self-understanding in describing perceived complaints. People with antisocial personality disorders such as psychopath almost never feel the need to consult a doctor because of the disorder they suffer.

A series of checks is needed to determine whether a person really has this antisocial behavior disorder. The following stages of examination can be done by a doctor:

  • Search life history and personality type of a person suspected of being a psychopath.
  • The doctor will also conduct a psychological evaluation to examine carefully thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns, and family history. Psychological evaluation may also include psychological tests about a person’s personality, and how the person’s thoughts are about suicidal thoughts, hurting oneself or others.
  • Check for other symptoms associated with mental health disorders.
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The above examination must be done, because in daily life, psychopaths may appear normal and not prominent. They can have a permanent profession like a normal human being. However, if you have suspicious signs of personality disorder, you should consult a doctor.

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