Heart Disease in Children: Signs, Causes, and Treatment


Did you know? If heart disease can attack anyone and at any age. Heart disease can attack older people, even can attack our child. In this case, of course required regular monitoring of the child’s condition, both from inside the womb, after childbirth, until the period of growth and development. Think about this: Is there any risk of illness that you might lose?

In general, heart disease can be divided into two: coronary heart disease and congenital heart disease. Congenital heart disease, is a matter that should be taken seriously. Congenital heart defect that occurs when the child is still inside the mother’s abdomen (womb).

Signs of Heart Disease in Children

Basically, the human heart started to make a single bag structure at the age of 4 weeks of pregnancy. The pericardium is automatically enlarged with increasing of pregnancy age (usually at age 8 months). However, you should know that cardiac abnormalities at that time would not usually cause problems in the baby due to the placenta that serves the oxygen and carbon dioxide when the baby is still inside.

Cardiac abnormalities will be seen when the baby is born and the placenta is cut rope. The first and foremost sign that appears when the baby has cardiac abnormalities is audible noise. When the baby breathes, the presence of abnormal heartbeat (usually faster), short breathing so hard when feeding, impaired growth and most obvious skin turn blue (cyanotic).

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Specifically to determine the noise caused when the baby is breathing, the doctor can perform an examination with heart rontgen, ECG, or other investigations.

Causes of Heart Disease in Children

Incidence of heart disease in children is not known exactly. However, the experts concluded that the abnormalities can be caused by two things that are genetic and also the occurrence of infection.

Genetic matter, certainly can not be avoided because the parents who have the disorder are at greater risk of heart disease is lowered to the child compared to parents with no history of heart disease. The second cause could be due to an infection caused by rubella, alcohol, toxic substances, and certain drugs. Thus, when about taking certain drugs that are long term you should consult with your obstetrician.

Treatment of Heart Disease Without Surgery

If your baby has been convicted has a cardiac abnormalities, then do not panic and remain calm because there must be a cure any disease. Likewise with the child’s heart disease along with the development of increasingly sophisticated medical world, treatment can now be done without surgery.

Treatment of non-cardiac surgery the most common is Patent Ductus Anterious (PDA) that performed by a tool called Ampatzer Duct Occlude (ADO). PDA itself is a blood vessel that connects the pulmonary artery to the aorta.

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Some hospitals are already practicing this method of treatment with a success rate that can be quite encouraging. In addition to the ADO, the way other treatments can be done with Balloon Atrial Septostomy (BAS). This is done with stent implantation in the ductus anterious. Another method of treatment is to combine the latest surgical and non-surgical. Of course with no explanation leaving the help of a doctor. One of the significant obstacles in the nonsurgical treatment of the problem was not technical, but non-technical concerns the financing.

It should be known that the cost of treatment without surgery a little more expensive than treatment with surgery. In addition to considering other forms of treatment above. You should remember that your role as a parent is also very important in the successful treatment of this disease. Especially in the long-term control such as monitoring child development, nutrition and care, and periodic examination.

As a parent, you naturally want to provide the best including the good health of your children. So, identify congenital heart disease disorders early and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

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