Benefits of Broccoli for Heart Health


Broccoli is a vegetable that useful for heart health. Because, broccoli stimulates the body to produce a protein called thioredoxin is able to protect the heart from damaging cells.

The US researchers explained that eating broccoli provides many positive benefits for health. One of the positive benefits is to protect the heart from damaging cells.

Professor Dipak Das from University of Connecticut explained that the broccoli contains sulforaphane is an effective agent to prevent damage to the heart.

Benefits of Broccoli for  Heart Health

Conclusions about the benefits of broccoli for heart health is obtained from studies of diet mice. U.S. researchers divide the two groups of mice, which were fed broccoli and other foods for a month.

As a result, mouse’s heart function that were fed broccoli better and protected from damage when oxygen pumping. The researchers concluded that if broccoli effectively protect mouse heart, it will be effective in humans. Because, heart and body systems human-like mouse. Even, broccoli is also believed to prevent cancer in humans.

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Cooking broccoli should be boiled so that substances in broccoli effective and not lost. With boiled, substances that will act more quickly in the body. But don’t cook with excessive heat, because it will reduce the effectiveness of the substances contained in broccoli.

Consuming a variety of vegetables and fruits, the body will be a lot of combinations of vitamins and mineral intake. In addition, vegetables and fruits serve as antioxidants that can erode a variety of free radicals.

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