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Breast Cancer: Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Breast cancer is a condition when cancer cells form in the breast tissue. Cancer can form in the glands that produce milk (lobules), or...

Sociopath and Psychopath, What’s the Difference?

Sociopath and Psychopath Definition You must have often heard the terms of sociopath and psychopath, right? In the movies, a sociopath and a psychopath is...

12 Foods to Increase Your Immunity During Pandemic

The immune system is also known as the body's system to fight disease. This system will protect the body from the attack of organisms...

Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy: Is it Normal?

  When entering pregnancy, there are indeed a lot of complaints that you will feel. Starting from changes in body shape, discomfort, itching, and many...

US President, Donald Trump and Melania Trump Positive Covid-19

United States President, Donald Trump has reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus. On Twitter, he revealed that he and his wife had the virus Tonight,...