Foods Cause Odor and Infection in Women’s Intimate Organ


A number of foods can affect the health of Miss V. Starting from removing unpleasant odor until to cause infection.

Some of the foods below are actually still good for consumption, so there is no need to avoid them completely. It’s good to reduce or balance it with other foods.

Here are some foods that can cause odor and infection in miss V.



Alcohol has properties that can make the body dry. As a result, alcohol consumption, besides making the body dry also affects the vagina.

When the body does not get good hydration, the vagina also cannot produce adequate lubricants. Alcohol can also cause problems with sexual function and sleep disorders.

2Sweet foods


Intake of foods high in sugar can trigger infection in the miss V. “Bacteria really like sugar, warmth, and moisture,” said reproduction expert Christine Greves, cited from Bustle. She said, foods high in sugar could increase the risk of infection in the area of intimate organs.

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Consuming excess onions could trigger the appearance of odors in the vagina. Onions can smell in the urine and miss V.

Basically, all foods that cause bad breath, can also cause odor in intimate organs.



Broccoli can also cause odor in the vagina. This vegetable has good benefits for health. However, it has side effect causing unpleasant smells on intimate organ. The smell of broccoli usually disappears on its own in a few days.

“Broccoli is very good for health including the vagina, breast and hormones. Combining it with sprouts is the right choice,” said health expert Anna Cabeca.

5Fried Foods


A study shows that, high-fat foods such as those processed with fried are associated with an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis infection in miss V. Bacterial vaginosis infection is characterized by symptoms of vaginal discharge, itching in the intimate organs, and burning sensation when urinating.



Cheese and other dairy products can cause hormone problems due to high levels of insulin. Too much cheese can also interfere with bacteria in the vagina and cause fungal infections.

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