Doctors say: Don’t Trust Health Features on Smartwatch!


Currently, health features are the main selling point for smartwatches. But how accurate are the health features of the smartwatch to monitor the health level of the body?

Health features on the smartwatch can now monitor the number of calories, stress levels, heart rate, sleep cycles, and step counters.

Unfortunately, reported by the Android Pit on Thursday (01/31/2019), a research conducted by a US consulting firm, Kantar, said differently.

Doctors Suggest: Don’t Trust Health Features on Smartwatch

The results of this research revealed that the doctors actually suggested that smartwatch users do not fully trust the results given the health features on smartwatch.

The report also concluded that the best way to ensure the health condition is to consult to doctor or do a medical examination.

In contrast to the advice of doctors, more than 50 percent of respondents who use a smartwatch, actually make a positive impression when wearing this device.

In the United States, the most widely used health feature on the smartwatch is monitoring features such as those found on Runtastic and Runkeeper Apps. Followed by a calorie counter, sleep cycle data, to follow the tips given application related to healthy food recipes for the diet. In fact, smartwatch is now a trend for millenials who pay attention to their health.

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They often combine matching between smartwatch and smartphone, so that it looks more stylish. Now several large electronics manufacturers also produce smartwatches to add to the types of products.

Although there are still differences of opinion between the people in general and medicine, the reality is that smartwatches have saved someone’s life in some cases.

How about you? Do you use health features on smartwatch?

Which one do your more trust? Your doctor or health features on your smartwatch?


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