5 Facts About the Aging App FaceApp #AgeChallenge

aging app, faceapp, agechallenge

Lately you must often see photos of friends or artists with old face filter effects. Photos that are scattered through the #AgeChallenge hashtag are indeed viral on social media. Age challenge itself is a challenge to edit photos of our faces to look older.

This old advance filter comes from the Aging App called FaceApp. FaceApp is an app made by a Russian company that also boomed two years ago. FaceApp is an AI (artificial intelligence) photo editing application that can change selfies with several filters, including changing your photos to be older, children, men, and women.

Behind the thrill of sharing photos of predictions of the old age, it turns out that there is a danger lurking. FaceApp is said to be dangerous because this application collects information in the form of location and history of browser browsing on a smartphone, both in Android and iPhone.

Here are 5 facts about the Aging App FaceApp

2Unclear FaceApp Privacy Policy

aging app, faceapp, agechallenge

Behind its ease of use, the FaceApp collects information in the form of location and browser history. This application collects information sent from your device, including web pages that you visit, add-ons, and other information that is called to help FaceApp to improve its services.

3Privacy Issues in FaceApp

aging app, faceapp, agechallenge

One of the concerns is the emergence of FaceApp privacy issues. How FaceApp works is asking users to upload photos that will be edited to the cloud, instead of just editing them in the app so that our information is not ‘open’ to the outside world. This allows developers to let users choose one photo from the system to upload to the app. In theory, FaceApp can process photos on the device itself.

This is much regretted by privacy experts, one of which is Will Strafach, who is the CEO of Guardian Firewall and also an iOS researcher. Will said, “this is quite suspicious.”

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4Made by Russian Developers

aging app, faceapp, agechallenge

This Aging App (FaceApp) is created by Wireless Lab, a small company based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This region is not included in the European Union or the United States, which is known to be quite strict with regulations on the use of data / personal information.

Therefore, the regulation does not apply in the Wiresless Lab area. So that people cannot use the laws of the two regions to sue Wireless Lab as the developer of FaceApp if there is a problem of misuse of user data / personal information.

5Had Become a Controversy

aging app, faceapp, agechallenge

In the first few months after being launched in 2017, this application had become a controversy.

This was used by a group of racialists to strengthen racial hatred. Nevertheless, the controversy does not prevent this application from being used by many people.


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