10 Benefits of Yoga for Heart Health


Yoga is a sport which consists of movements relaxed and gentle. Yoga has been conducted for about 5000 years. Most of people do yoga to release stress. In addition, yoga is believed to cure many diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and psychiatric diseases, including to cure heart disease.

Benefits of yoga for heart health is not in doubt. Yoga has an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases that includes recurrence of heart attacks, hypertension and coronary heart diseases.

Yoga influences the hypothalamus directly, the area of the brain that controls endocrine activity, and helps prevent heart attacks.

10 Benefits of Yoga for Heart Health

Yoga could:

  1. Lower blood pressure, so it will not attack heart disease
  2. Overcome palpitations, or an unpleasant feeling caused by an irregular heartbeat
  3. Balance the body’s metabolic system
  4. Facilitate healing heart disease
  5. Reduce the risk of heart disease
  6. Improves circulation and breathing
  7. Reduce stress and anxiety
  8. Improve body balance
  9. Boost the immune system
  10. Help maintain stamina
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Research from the Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Iowa, prove it by choosing to classify the samples into 2 groups. First group just consume drug alone, and the second group consume drugs and do yoga for 15 minutes per day.

A research stated that patients who do yoga regularly, have a lesser chance of stroke or other heart attack. It is better than people who only consume drugs.

Yoga also can help to control the heart rate variability. It is an indicator of heart response in the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, it would not hurt for people with heart disease when doing yoga. In addition, you can do these exercises to lower cholesterol.


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