Aerobics: The Most Popular Cardio Exercise


If you are a person with heart disease or have history with it, but confused to do exercise that suitable for you. has useful advice what is good exercise for you.

Aerobics is one of the most popular cardio exercises. Aerobics is any kind of extended activity which makes individuals breathe hard as they use large muscle groups at an even and regular pace. Aerobic could be performed at all ages. However, the duration and intensity of aerobic activities largely depends on your age and stamina.

Aerobic activities could make the heart stronger and more efficient. In the initial stages of cardio exercise, the body uses circulating fatty acids and stored carbohydrates for generating energy.

Aerobic helps to use oxygen efficiently by attaining and maintaining the Target Heart Range. Target heart rate is the safest range for heart beats during exercise per minute.

The benefits of Aerobic Exercises

2Weight Control

Aerobics is very good for weight control. Moreover, do healthy life style like regular physical activities and good eating habits are very effective for losing and controlling weight. Aerobics helps in burning calories, and as the body starts to use sugars and fats efficiently, there is better weight control.

3Reduces Stress and Age Symptoms

Aerobics can also benefit you by reducing stress, depression, anxiety and tension. It can also make people more confident and increase their self-esteem.

Aerobics helps to reduce symptoms of illness and aging by keeping the muscles, bones and ligaments strong. Regular aerobic activities can make you feel full of energy and more youthful.

4Increase immunity

Aerobics exercises boost the immune system. This makes you less prone to minor viral infections like flu and cold. Some studies even suggested that aerobic is ideal for those who want to kick addictions like smoking and alcohol by reducing the cravings.

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Although aerobic will make you feel exhausted and tired when you start off. The positive effect, you would be able to increase your stamina gradually. If you do not like working out alone, you can join an aerobics class and exercise in a group.


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