9 Benefits of Exercise for People with Heart Disease


Some studies showed that regular exercise reduces the risk of arterial disease. Moreover exercise reduces several risk factors for coronary heart disease and stroke, including hypertension, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and obesity. Exercise also has a positive effect on mental stress.

In addition, regular exercise can also change the cardiovascular protective factors. For example the heart blood circulation will improve and increase HDL cholesterol levels.

According to Prof. Dr. dr. Dede Kusuma, SpJP, FACC, a professor from UI (University of Indonesia). He stated there are some benefits of exercise for people with heart disease.

9 Benefits of exercise for People with Heart Disease:

1Heart works more efficiently

Trained heart can do the job with a little effort, the heart does not quickly exhausted that durable or long lasting.

2Complains wane or disappear

Pain, especially in the chest is one of the characteristics of heart disease. By doing regular exercise is beneficial to heart health such as reduced pain, heavy or uncomfortable in the chest or rapid fatigue wane and disappear.

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3Lipid levels in the blood will decrease

Regular exercise and long enough, above half an hour will be able to overhaul the dangerous fat or excess fat from the body. By doing exercise regularly, it also can reduce the amount of fat in the blood vessel wall.

4Coronary arteries will be wider

In people who exercise, blood vessels or coronary arteries will be wider or larger than the untrained. In addition, there will be collateral or new blood vessels happens when it is narrowed or blocked.

5Prevent blood clumping

Regular exercise will cause more blood flow and more rapid, so the blood does not have a chance to clumping. blood clumping can clog blood vessels in the heart and in the brain.

6Enzymes work more efficient

To metabolism, the body needs the enzyme as a catalyst or auxiliary in the workings of a system. With regular exercise, work more efficient.

8Sexual abilities awake

With regular exercise organs function will get better, including the reproductive organs so that sexual ability can be maintained even in some people is increasing.

9Peace of mind more stable

Good physical health can improve mental endurance as well, so it is not easily shaken by a variety of stress. Neural system will be capable of receiving loads fast and not reactive.

From the explanation above shows that exercise or fitness can improve physical and mental health, especially for those who already have signs of heart disease and blood vessels.

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